Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Software Testing- Problems faced by a Tester

Software Testing has lot of challenges both in manual as well as in automation.
Here are a few problems faced by the tester:

1.Frequent Changes in the application:
Once the development is complete, the developer sends the application to the tester. Based on the application test cases our made.
Further changes in the development are sent to the tester, such frequent changes in development lead to confusion on behalf of the tester as the test cases need to be changed for every change in development which leads to problems in testing.

2.Testing the complete application is not possible:
Testing starts with making number of possible combinations and the application is tested based on these combinations. The problem that arises is that there are numerous combinations that can be made and it is not possible to test the whole application both in manual as well as in automation testing
  • Test every possible input to every variable.
  • Test every possible combination of inputs to every combination of variables.
  • Test every possible sequence through the program.
  • Test every hardware / software configuration, including configurations of servers not under your control.
  • Test every way in which the user might try to use the program.

3.Time Consuming in case of Manual Testing
Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user and use most of all features of the application to ensure correct behavior. Each time a test case is made, it has to be tested, which is time consuming.

4. Relationship with developers:
A major challenge for a tester is to have a good relation with the developer as they have to work together on an application therefore handle this relation positively. There are simply hundreds of excuses developers or testers can make when they do not agree on some points.

5.Understanding of Requirements.:
Sometimes testers are responsible for communicating with customers in understanding the requirements. What if the tester fails to understand the requirements? Will he be able to test the application properly? Proper understanding of the requirement is important in order for the tester to make test cases and go ahead with the testing. The requirements also define the type of testing to be done, hence it is an important part, but sometimes it is not clear which confuses the tester. Testers require good listening and understanding capabilities

6.Time constraint:
While working on the test cases, the tester is informed of the application, sign off in 3hours which becomes a problem for the tester as he/she has to make a call on which test to execute first so as to ensure that there are no bugs/fixes to be removed.The tester eventually simply focuses on task completion and not on the test coverage and quality of work. There is a huge list of tasks that you need to complete within specified time.

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