Thursday, 31 March 2016

How enterprise mobile apps demand a new approach to development

Mobile application development is important for oragnisations looking for better connectivity with customers,employers and partners. This is a good source of maximizing existing resources and systems. The problem now is, the demand for talented mobile app developers has gone up majorly, while for a mobile strategy to be truly effective, organisations need to change their approach.
This surge in mobile app development is reflected by a recent 451 Research survey indicating that more than half of companies planned to increase mobile budget in 2015. But the problem discussed above will not be solved by just hiring more developers as it isnt as simple as creating new team from the existing IT department.
Front-end mobile app development is different from coding enterprise applications and isn't for everyone. A simple guide to app development.
Here is my simple guide to app development
1. Recruitment
The first step in setting up an agile and customer facing environment is to pick the team members that have the ability and passion to thrive in such an environment.
The team should not be very large as there is no need for a project manager. Developers work closely with the clients and can self- manage the projects.This is not a very comfortable environment going by the traditional IT way.
IT needs to adopt a two track approach that supports agility but also sustains the stability of core IT.
2. Funding
Mobile apps can often be identified, scoped, coded and delivered in a matter of days. Even the most complex apps can be made and delivered with a couple of months of development. The team should not waste time on cost benefits and funding as this will only hamper the timelines for delivery.
The team should focus on picking up flexible projects that deliver as many business benefits as possible and as fast as possible.
3. Focus on real customer needs
Mobile app development companies are targeting customer specific needs. They should focus on what client wants and needs and not just what the company can offer.
Here is a chance to change things and provide solutions that much better match what the business needs. Mobile devices come with a plethora of new tools, coloured high-res displays, cameras, GPS capture and touch-screen manipulation. Many of the best solutions will use these to enhance the user experience.
4. Multiple device support
A mobile solution should not be limited to working on a specific high end consumer device.Use hybrid programming techniques and codes as they are portable in the sense that it can run on either of the platform.
Be careful of standardizing on any one device. This is especially true if taking advantage of cheaper consumer devices. Though often more powerful and feature-rich, they can quickly become obsolete.

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